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JenCpink - Maverick
Jennifer means business when she took on her new endeavor, she had only started her business in October of 2018 and she was listed in the directory late November. She has two boys 2 & 4 that keep her busy and so she knows the flexibility and accountability a parent with young kids needs with the compassion of completely understanding how hard it can be. She is constantly furthering her education and adding certifications. When asked why she decided to pursue fitness and nutrition training she explained her journey. She is the personality type of needing to know the why behind everything. Why do these exercises? Why do they need to be done this way? Why do you need to eat this with this to have the best results? So in her quest to find the answers she determined she needed to make a lifestyle change, she found a business geared towards others just like her. I definitely think that is how most entrepreneurs start, filling the need they themselves needed at one time or another.
Currently she offers fitness in her home studio, or she will come to you. She provides fitness and nutrition plans with accountability.
I love her one program that is for new new moms. She offers an 8 week program that is all about the back, core and pelvic floor strengthening so you are ready to start exercising. If you start exercising after two months and the doctors just gives you the go ahead, you risk some serious set backs. I personally have Diasti Recti and know all to well that some exercises made my condition worse. The pain and lack of results in my case could have been avoided had I done exactly what Jennifer is offering. Best yet?! She comes to you. For $400, for 8 weeks she comes to you and for one hour gives you the one on one so you can ensure you have the foundation of strength needed to get back into exercise after the on average 2 month recovery from child birth. It’s small exercises that must be done properly and she takes the time to explain the why for everything and confirm you are doing the exercises properly during her time with you.
Jennifer also has a free facebook challenge starting in April, check out her listing to get her links. Maverick Health and Fitness is a great option for those looking to learn what they need to learn so they can make a life style change that sticks.

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